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About us

Hi, great you're on this page!

we just started with adscory® in the middle of april 2018. adscory is free of charge either for advertising agencies and also for searching companies. We are financially supported by great sponsors. 

What is the idea behind adscory®? 

First - we know our business. With, we run the biggest and most successfull platform for advertising agencies and searching companies in the german speaking region. Since 2006, an estimated value of 164.000.000 Euro in marketing spendings were run on by matching fitting agencies and searching companies. 

That's why we had the idea, that this system has to be successfull also worldwide. Therefore we completely reniewed and optimized the whole "scoring" process. 

Now we have a single goal

We want to become the biggest worldwide platform for advertising agencies - with honest and great agency profiles to be found by excellent companies. Nevermind if a company is small and searching regionally, or an international player who is searching for worldwide acting ad agencies. 


  • if you are an agency - don't hesitate to register and create a great profile - free of charge
  • if you are responsible for the marketing in your company - start scoring and find your agency - free of charge
  • if you like to support us as sponsor - get in touch

Whyever you got to visit adscory® - start with it. :-)

Thanks for spending time with us and all the best...

The adscory® family